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International supply chain and shipping delays caused by the Covid-19 pandemic have led to a shortage of products and parts across New Zealand industries.

Source It New Zealand solves these challenges by making it easier for your business to source supplies and solve your supply chain issues, and for suppliers to source new customers for their products, parts and services - right here in New Zealand.

“The blow to the New Zealand economy following the Covid-9 lockdown made it apparent to me that kiwi businesses could benefit from working closely together, sharing their resources and knowledge - and supplying each other with New Zealand products, parts and services rather than relying on unstable international supply chains”.

Paul Hewitt, Founder of Source It New Zealand


Sourcing suppliers in NZ

Rather than purchasing products and parts from overseas sources that may be slightly cheaper, Source IT New Zealand makes it easier to source high quality products that are made in New Zealand by highly-skilled artisans, designers and tradespeople - while saving you weeks in delivery times. And it’s FREE to list!

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Sourcing customers in NZ

Source It New Zealand makes it easy for you to source and supply new customers for your products, parts and services - providing you with an opportunity to maximise your production capacity and grow your customer base and business.

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Looking for suppliers of products, parts & services?

To create a FREE listing for the products, parts & services you need to source in New Zealand, follow these 3 simple steps:

  • Register or sign in and complete your contact details
  • List the products, parts & services you require - including as much information as possible
  • Publish your listing - remember to include a deadline

You will be alerted via our notification system when a business has responded to your listing and you will receive the applications for review. You can then select the local supplier that fits the bill.

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Looking for new local customers to supply?

To source new customers for your products, parts and services in New Zealand, follow these 3 simple steps:

  • Search the listings for products, parts & services that you can supply
  • Contact the business to express your interest using our notification system 
  • Subscribe to our system to be alerted when similar listings appear in the future

Use Source It NZ to find out about real projects that can use your products and services right now, save time in prospecting for new business, you might be able to find it right here.

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