About Us

How did Source It come to life?

My name is Paul Hewitt, I consider myself to be a typical Kiwi in business - I work for myself and try to make a living for my family by working hard and persevering through the bad times and trying to enjoy the good.

Covid#19 has been a shock and a blow to the New Zealand economy. During lockdown all I could think about was “How are we going to rebuild New Zealand in the aftermath of this crises”

What became immediately apparent was the need for businesses to be able to Network better, Share work, share knowledge, help each other in any collaborative way whatsoever, to make us and our country all stronger.

Www.Scourceitnz.co.nz as a concept was born, to turn adversity into inspiration for as many as possible.  

The first issue is many companies are purchasing products from abroad that could be manufactured in NZ. In many cases they have just thought it was cheaper to buy in China and never explored our own back yard to find some of the highly skilled artisans, designers and tradesman that hide in every corner of our country. A product may be a little cheaper made in China, but is it better than a product costing a maybe a little more MADE IN NEW ZEALAND?

Second, many businesses have excess capacity to do more, but don’t have the network to find the work, the inspiration to do more, or maybe have just never tried to think outside the box.

Thirdly I wanted to bring New Zealand businesses closer together to share work,  resources and knowledge to take on bigger things together. To purchase materials and products from other Kiwi companies. 

This site will help facilitate that process. Its where you can reach out and find new suppliers, assisting manufacturers, and new contracts. The networks created in the process will endure forever.

That’s my vision and dream and now it’s real. WWW.Sourceitnz.co.nz is here.

Sourceitnz is is a division of  Global Candy Ltd