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At Roofquip, we are the leading supplier of roof vent solutions for NZ properties and vehicles.The building roof ventilation systems we supply in NZ are suitable for any type of building. We can also help if you need a ventilation solution for a vehicle or marine application. All our products are made to the highest standards of quality, they require no power source. Our products skyaxis wind-driven ventilators, Flettner Vehicle Ventilators, spanquip mid-span supports.

We are New Zealand’s leading specialists in wind-powered Roof Ventilation NZ for buildings and vehicles. Whatever your requirements, we’ve got the solution you need.
Ventilate hot, stale, and damp air to replace it with fresh and cool air
Remove fumes from vehicles or buildings
Reduce condensation
Remove odours
Why Wind-Powered Ventilation?
Wind-powered ventilation products are highly effective at removing unwanted air from a vehicle or building so it can be replaced by fresh air. The wind-powered ventilation products that we supply offer a range of other benefits too including.
Suitable for all types of building or vehicle roof
Low cost
Easy and quick to install
No power source is required so no wiring is necessary
Operation is completely by wind so there are no running costs plus the solution is environmentally friendly
Solutions suitable for all conditions including low wind situations
No maintenance required
Manufactured to the highest standards using high-quality, corrosion-resistant, and weatherproof materials
We also have our own Roof Mounted Ventilators specialist roof product designed by our team and manufactured here in New Zealand. Spanquip mid-span support bars are more economical than standard mid-span support bars and they are easier to fit.
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