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Seleno Health is a specialised New Zealand based natural health company that fuses ancient plant wisdom with modern scientific research.

Maca is has a multitude of health benefits across all facets of health; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Here is our collection of New Zealand's most premium, organic range of specialised and scientifically researched maca supplements, sourced direct from the farm. At Seleno Health, we use our considerable knowledge of maca to create our range of maca health and wellbeing products. We also tap into the extensive knowledge of traditional Peruvian maca farmers. The products we supply mostly come in powder and capsule form, and they can be used to help with various physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual issues. This includes chronic fatigue, low energy, low libido, fertility problems, immunity issues, inflammation, and memory.

maca powder is most commonly consumed in NZ as a dietary supplement. It can be added to raw foods such as smoothies, cereal, bliss balls, slices, fruit juice, or yoghurt. You can also cook or bake it into porridges, teas, pancakes, breads, muffins or even soups and stews. Always ensure you use activated or gelatinized maca as this is safe for your gut and tastes much better.

red maca NZ root takes care of our entire inner being and nourishes our feminine (yin) energy. In Peru we say that red maca is just like a loving and comforting hug from your mum. Our scientific studies of red maca have shown the root contains higher levels of total bioactive macamides compared to yellow maca with some unique molecules that have the ability to activate anti-inflammatory pathways in the nervous system, reducing inflammation and stress. Red maca is ideal for use by both men and women and we recommend it for more chronic or acute conditions and imbalances.

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