How it Works

To find a project follow these simple steps

1. Search our listings for a project that you can work on - this might be different to projects you've worked on in the past, but Source It New Zealand is about bringing new opportunities.

2. Subscribe to our system to find details about the project and the business that is looking for your service.

3. Contact the business that listed the project to express your interest, using our enquiry system.

4. As a subscriber you will also be alerted via our notification system when other similar projects are listed on the site.

When you apply for a project be sure to include a summary of your skills and explain how they can be adapted to the needs of this particular project. It might not be exactly what you have been used to working on, but if you can adapt your process it could be a great opportunity for you to diversify. 

An example might be a glass manufacturer that had been making mirrors, but saw a project that had a requirement for glass tabletops, with a change in set up they might be able to fulfill the requirements for this project and carry on working.

Pay close attention to the details of the project and if you feel you can meet the requirements then go for it!

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