Get the most out of Source IT NZ

23 Aug 2020

The main point of difference is Source It NZ provides an introduction from businesses that are looking for goods and services to people that can supply them. It is as simple as that.

For a long time now we have exported wood and imported furniture, so are we going to continue with that approach or are we going to try and close the loop here? Can we not make furniture here?

Of course this is only an example, there are many other sectors where the same principle applies - and the bottom line is we import "stuff" to try and save a dollar. Now more than ever we see the cost of that approach is denying New Zealand businesses the opportunity to prove they can be cost-effective and produce high-quality products. 

Post details about what you need to buy and New Zealand businesses can contact you to present their case - if it doesn't stack up you have lost nothing, but it might be the best decision you ever made - you can help your own business and maybe save another Kiwi battler in the process. 

Time to get on with it New Zealand, let's start by dealing with each other - do business at home, Source It New Zealand!