International Freight getting harder

23 Dec 2021

Securing air freight capacity is expected to be even more difficult in 2022, with transport officials warning as North America and Europe begins to re-open it will be increasingly difficult to keep large international operators in New Zealand.

Air Canada quietly left the New Zealand market in September, and Emirates recently pulled its Christchurch route.

Despite government subsidies, the border closures and uncertainty of government policy is make it too difficult for international carriers to plan in advance.
22% of imports by dollar value arrive in New Zealand  this way.

Customs Brokers and Freight Forwarders Federation president Chris Edwards says "the solution was entirely political.It really does come down to government policy. Airlines will happily come here if they know they've got surety of borders being open, flights being scheduled and those sorts of things.

"We do have air cargo freighters coming here, but at the moment they're full and at full capacity as well. So I don't expect to see another player enter the market ... there's just not the other willingness to do that at the moment."