Selling a business

03 Aug 2022 is a new website recently launch to help small business.

With marketing costs and fees continually rising, its getting very difficult for businesses to sell in these troubling times in an affordale way. 

The same goes for all the landlords that have empty retail premises throughout the country. 

Mr Hewitt thinks he has found the solution, and launched a website accordingly.

All the details and a number images can be placed in the ad. Google maps are also installed. 

A direct contact form is in place contact the seller direct.

The costs are very good as well

A business is listed and the first month is totally free. You may even sell in this time and it's cost you nothing.

After that it's $10.00 plus GST per week. 

A one off cost of $100 plus GST allows your lissting to remain until it is sold and taken down.