What is going on?

25 Nov 2021

Judith has now gone, so who is next?

Regardless of whether it's Dr Reti, Mr Bridges or Mr Luxon a credible relationship needs to be built with ACT, because no single party will break the 50% vote with MMP.

An opposition needs to be created and one that New Zealand needs. The troubles facing New Zealand are immense going forward. An over heating housing market with rising interest rates. No tourism, busineses going belly up and the elephant in the room is mental health. With so many losing so much because of the closure of our economy mental health through stress and financial pain is going to be like we have never seen before. People like Mike King are going to have a job in front of them like never before. 

Rebuilding the economy and getting businesses to work together and share loads, projects and knowledge is going to be so important and sites like are going to be part of that process.